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Andreev and Partners law office provides its clients with specialized law services and consultations in the following fields:

Commercial law

Analysis of our clients requirements and choice of the contract form corresponding to his interests;
Preparation of all types of commercial contracts;
Participation in negotiations;

Corporate law

Legal analysis;
Choice of legal-organization form of the trader;
Provision of legal help in the process of establishment and registration of the trader;
Transformation and aggregation of companies, merger and division of companies;
Analysis of the property and financial position of companies, acquisition and sale of sharing in companies, acquisition, transformation and rent of companies;
Participation in negotiations on behalf of Our clients;
Representation and provision of legal help in insolvenc proceedings,notary proceedings,representation of the creditors in the insolvency proceedings.

Privatization and foreign investments

Legal and financial analysis of the company;
Consulting our clients in connection with the ways of privatization,representation and participation in the negotiations of the privatization deals;
Drawing of privatization contracts, research of the legal risks, investments protection, security proceedings.

Tax title

Legal consultations regarding the taxes structure;
Taxation planning;
Administrative and court appeal of the taxation administration acts.

Employment and insurance law

Drawing of employment contracts, additional agreements, management contracts;
Consultations in the field of employment and insurance law;
Representation at court on employment litigations.

Real estate law

Real estate research, participation in negotiations, preparation of contracts, notary proceedings, representation in litigations before the court.

Intellectual property right

Consultations in the field of industrial property right, copyrights and the like;
Research and preparation of documents to claim objects of industrial property/ inventions, useful models, trade marks and services marks, geographical markings/;
Drawing of license contracts, know-how contracts, franchising and merchandising contracts, participation in negotiations, mediation, representation at and outside the court.

Family and inheritance law

Adoptions, representation at and outside the court.

Protection in administrative, court and arbitration litigations

Representation in administrative, court and arbitration litigations.

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